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Public Liability Claims and Employers Liability Claims (insurance)

We do everything we can to look after our staff, tenants and customers and keep you safe. Sometimes though things can wrong and accidents can happen. If you think you are entitled to compensation because of something you might believe we did or didn’t do, you’ll need to send a claim in to our claims team. Our complaints process is different to making a claim. You can read more about what a complaint is and how to make one here.

If something is covered by insurance and you think it was our fault, ie an item got lost or damaged, you still need to inform your insurance company as it will be a condition of the policy. Any delay in letting them know could invalidate your policy. This could mean if we decide your claim isn’t our fault you could be left with the legal fees. It is your responsibility to mitigate your loss, this means you are required to keep the cost of any claim to a minimum.

We will not accept any responsibility if a claim is rejected by your own insurers due to your failure to comply with any of your insurance policy conditions.

For instances where you consider that we have negligently caused damage to your property then report the matter to your building insurer and provide them with our contact details below. This will ensure you meet your own insurance contractual obligations and help you to mitigate your loss. In turn your insurers will then present your claim against the Association. Where we are  found negligent and your insurer subsequently receives full reimbursement this  should not affect your no claims discount.

Please note: During the processing of any claim, the information provided may be supplied to insurers, claims handlers and solicitors who may be appointed in order that the claim can be dealt with in accordance with current civil litigation procedures and we may use the information you have provided for the prevention and detection of fraud. Claimants who are found to provide false information or pursue fraudulent claims may be liable to prosecution.

We are only able to settle claims where we have been found legally liable. If, unfortunately at the end of the matter, you disagree with the final stance taken, we would then suggest you seek independent legal advice.

How to claim

  • Email:
  • Post: Insurance Department, Bron Afon Community Housing, William Brown Close, Llantarnam Industrial Estate, Cwmbran, Torfaen, NP44 3AB
  • Alternatively, contact the Insurance Section on 01633 620120 and request a claim form to be sent to you.

For submission of Public Liability Claims and Employers Liability Claims, by way of the Ministry of Justice Claims Portal, you should use our portal reference:

Zurich Municipal

Portal Compensation ID:   C00108

Policy number:  JHA22S474-0023