My Bron Afon

Our ways of working

This framework has been designed to support our corporate plan. It sets out how we want people to work and interact with colleagues, customers, tenants and partners to be a successful organisation.

It is underpinned by our values: Respect, Engage, Ambition, and Listen

The framework covers the key skills, knowledge and behaviours that lead to successful performance as shown in the diagram below:

Our Ways of working Diagram

Respect We value everyone, and treat all fairly, politely, with dignity and respect.

Engage We are proud to be owned by the community. We support and involve others in shaping what we do to make lives better.

Ambition We bring passion, creativity and commitment to what we do and want to be the best. We take pride in our work and celebrate successes.

Listen We listen to understand what’s important. We are caring, responsive and open to change and improvement.