Our office is closed to visitors unless you have an agreed appointment with a named member of staff.

Need help with a repair this bank holiday?

Our phone lines will be closed for the bank holiday period 1st June – 6th June and that may mean we’re most likely going to be super busy early next week from the 6th June so the best way to report your repair, is to head over to our Bron Afon Tenant Portal, or via our contact form.

Do you have an emergency repair?

Although our phone lines will be closed during this time we will still carry out our usual response to emergencies. However, there are a few things to think about before you get in touch. Make sure you’ve checked that your repair is considered an emergency and is our responsibility to fix and not yours. You can read the ‘Who Is Responsible for a Repair’ section in our Bron Afon handbook.

Have you used our self-help guides?

It’s a challenge planning and carrying out repairs and maintenance to over 8,000 homes. We love doing this work as when we do it well it makes you happy and more satisfied with Bron Afon as a landlord. ‘Who is Responsible?’ is the most important section in this handbook. We have made it really easy for you to check if a problem with your home is your responsibility or ours.

You can also find useful information in our self-help guides.

Please see below if your emergency includes Gas, Electricity or Water.


If you smell gas, think you have a gas leak, or are worried that fumes containing carbon monoxide are escaping from a gas appliance, please call the free Gas Emergency Services emergency line on 0800 111 999. The operator will talk you through the next steps to take. Fire • Call 999 and ask for the fire brigade • Do not try to put out the fire yourself. Leave the immediate area and move to a safe place.

For more information about fire safety visit southwales-fire.gov.uk


If you think that an electrical appliance in your home is dangerous, turn the appliance off at the socket outlet and remove the plug. If you have a total loss of electrical power to your home, check your fuse board first.

If the switch is in the OFF position, turn it back to ON.

If you still have no power, check with your neighbours if possible as there may be a power cut in your area.

Call 105 (free of charge) and you will be put through to your electricity operator.


We recommend that you check you can turn off your water supply at least once a year.

Please contact us via the contact form or the Bron Afon Portal if the stop tap is stuck.

If you have a burst pipe or any other water leak, turn your mains stop tap off to the right, and then call us.

Thank you for your patience and hope you have a wonderful bank holiday weekend.

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