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Modern slavery and human trafficking

If you need our Modern slavery declaration as a PDF you can find it here. (2 Pages, 3MB)

The Act

The modern slavery Act 2015 (the Act) is an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom. It came into force effective March 2015. It is designed to tackle slavery in the UK and consolidates previous offences relating to trafficking and slavery. The statute defines the offences of, amongst others; ‘slavery, servitude and forced compulsory labour’ and ‘human trafficking’. Large organisations such as ours must publish a statement on what we do to comply with this law.

The Act and us

We are a responsible, not-for-profit registered social landlord based in Torfaen, South Wales. We own, improve, maintain and rent some 8,000 properties to tenants and we manage over 900 leasehold properties. We are a significant local employer and we spend many millions of pounds annually, the majority of which contributes to the local economy.


We have assessed our risk exposure to slavery and human trafficking described by the Act as being low.

Employment and recruitment 

Our employment regime is based on a rigorous competitive application possess and includes a variety of identity checks. These checks are undertaken and records maintained, by our Human Resources professionals and are regularly audited.

We also ensure that all trainees, agency staff and volunteers are subject the the same stringent identity checks and that appropriate records are kept by us or our partners.

Housing management

The allocation of our housing is based on housing need and demand and we do not actively monitor the use of our housing or the occupants. We do, however, have regular access to people’s homes for repairs, maintenance and housing management purposes or to provide support and we respond to neighbour complaints. We follow up any instances of concern raised by our staff about the safeguarding of individuals (children or adults) who they observe in the homes we provide.

Procurement and suppliers

Our procurement process requires that any prospective contractor is compliant with the provisions of the Act. Further, it compels the contractor to declare that it has taken steps to ensure, as far as possible, that organisations in its own supply chain are also compliant with the Act.

Monitoring and compliance 

We will monitor and reassess the risks associated with the Act. We will undertake random audits of our contractor and supplier records to ensure their compliance with the Act.

Recording and reporting

Audits and results will be recorded. In the event that non-compliance is discovered, action will be taken against the contractor and supplier and the relevant authorities will where appropriate, be notified.

Staff awareness and training relating to the Act

We will ensure that members of staff employed in positions that are likely to bring them into contact with contractors and suppliers and those who are working with tenants in their homes are made aware of the principles of the Act.

We will ensure such employees are aware of how to identify and report any instances of non-compliance.

We will include the basics of the Act in all appropriate induction training.

Statement from our Board

The Board, Senior Management and staff are committed to working in a caring, honest and ethical way, showing due regard not only to statutory and regulatory requirements, but to the wellbeing of our customers and the communities in which they live. Our Values reflect this commitment and they are embedded in the ethos of the whole organisation.

We have introduced measures which are designed to mitigate any risk that either us or our supply chain is in any way involved with slavery or human trafficking. We and our Board will not tolerate practices proscribed by the Act and will take robust action should practices be detected.

The Board are confident that we and our contractors and suppliers adhere to both the letter and the spirit of the Act.