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Want to do business with us?

We spend millions of pounds a year on goods, services and work purchased from third parties. This includes everything from the pens and paper we use in our office to construction of new properties and major improvement work.


Naturally, many organisations will want to sell goods, services and work to us. Our procurement services team has responsibility for ensuring that spend is organised efficiently and effectively whilst obtaining value for money for our customers and treating our suppliers fairly.

We are obliged to enter into contracts in accordance with the Public Contract Regulations 2015 which set out the principles, processes and requirements that guide how we and the wider public sector spend money on externally provided goods, services and works.

We have our own set of Procurement and Contract rules which set out the way we will manage our procurement and contracting activities. You can get a copy of the rules here.

Our Procurement Strategy

Our Procurement Strategy sets out the approach our business will take to procurement as well as the objectives and outcomes we’re seeking to achieve though our procurement activities. You can get a copy of the Procurement Strategy here.

Current contract opportunities

We advertise the majority of our contract requirements via Sell2Wales, the contract advertising portal for the whole public sector in Wales. We recommend that any organisation interested in supplying us with goods, services or work registers for free on Sell2Wales.

Electronic Procurement

Wherever possible we carry out our procurements electronically using eTenderWales.

Registration is free and easy, just click the link above to register or follow the guide available here. Once you have registered you will be able to use the portal to browse and respond to a wide range of contract opportunities from a number of different organisations including ours. Here is a short guide to help you finding your way around eTenderWales and responding to an invitation to tender.

We do not manage or maintain either Sell2Wales or eTenderWales and therefore cannot provide technical support or advice. If you do need technical support, please use the contact details displayed on each of the websites.

Procurement Equalities Statement

In line with our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy we have developed a Procurement Equalities Statement which all organisations are required to accept and work in accordance with when providing goods, services and works to us. You can view a copy of the Procurement Equalities Statement here.

Community Benefits

We recognise that our external spend can have a significant impact on the communities and area where we work. The majority of our contract opportunities include community benefits requirements and full details are always provided within the Invitation to Tender or contract documentation.

Want to work with us?

We do not maintain a list of organisations that have expressed an interest in working with us. Instead we utilise the supplier directory within eTenderWales and Sell2Wales when we are looking for potential suppliers.

More Information

If you would like more information please contact our procurement services team at