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Ydych chi’n barod am y tywydd?

Two thirds of British people have been caught out by severe weather, according to latest research from the Met Office, despite nine in ten believing that preparing for winter weather is important.

The research showed failing to prepare for weather has an impact on people’s day-to-day lives.   In a survey of 2000 adults, over one third of those questioned said they had experienced disruption to public transport, nearly one fifth confessed to being late for work and more than 1 in 10 said adverse weather had forced them to cancel social plans.

To help the public be better prepared for severe weather all year round, the Met Office has launched ‘WeatherReady’. Run in partnership with Cabinet Office, the initiative provides expert advice on travel, protecting your home and your health and wellbeing.

From ‘what to do in a power cut and driving in severe weather’, to ‘travelling advice and health and well being’, the website contains useful information for everything weather related.

Click here to visit the site.