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Decarbonisation of Homes

Action is needed across the housing sector to drastically reduce global greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere. We know that to truly decarbonize our homes, we have to do more than just physical improvements if we’re going to meet the decarbonization targets the Welsh Government has set all homes managed by social landlords by 2030.

The Welsh Government, the Housing Sector in Wales, and the rest of UK still have lots to learn, and much to do to work out how we can deliver the challenging decarbonization target. Until now, at Bron Afon, we have mostly focused on asset-based actions, which has simply led to investing to improve our homes. This approach does not allow us to prepare our business plan, our colleagues, and our customers for the implications of this challenging obligation on the Housing Sector and the even tougher national target of achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.

What are we going to do?

We are setting out our strategic commitment on the Decarbonisation of Homes. This is now a clear corporate objective for Bron Afon and one that all our colleagues can contribute to, in all areas of the work we do.

We want to achieve “a sustained reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from our homes and communities, where all tenants are provided with sufficient support and tools to living their lives outside fuel poverty.”

The key features of our commitment are:-

  • Understanding the impact on our tenants and the community while we meet the vital net zero carbon target and improve the energy performance of our homes as an objective we can measure as part of our journey.
  • Ensuring consistency and clarity in our approach when identifying necessary actions and measurable outputs that will get us towards achieving our outcomes.
  • Enabling open and proactive customer and community involvement and engagement throughout the decarbonisation journey.
  • Making decarbonisation of homes and climate change relatable to our workforce and our community, so that it encourages individual, corporate, and collective actions to tackle climate emergencies.
  • Embedding the Wales well-being goals and sustainable development ways of working.

We know that we need to take appropriate actions and measures which can lead to the reduction in GHG emissions from homes, and that to truly deliver decarbonisation targets by 2030, we all have a part to play.

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