My Bron Afon

Residents in Cwmbran have created this lovely community garden

This beautiful display was created by residents in Croesyceiliog who have used a patch of our land to start a community garden. Some neighbours got in touch with us after putting up a display in Bryn Eglwys to thank the NHS.

This led to a site meeting with some of our colleagues and it was agreed the group could use the land throughout the year.

This week it has been used to mark Remembrance Sunday and the group have plans to introduce new themes throughout the year.

A spokesperson for the group, said: “There are lots of younger families and older residents in the area. We asked what they wanted from the land and they said ‘something to cheer us up, brighten our day, enthuse about and contribute to.’

The community garden in Croesyceiliog

“It has brought the community together. Back in September we asked for spring bulbs and ended up with over 1,000 donations! Two residents who are horse owners gave us manure.

“Residents from young children to some in their eighties to nineties have helped make what we now have. One older resident said she couldn’t help practically but gave £5 to put towards it.

“We know that some people make sure they pass it on their daily walk. These are difficult times and if it makes things a bit easier for the community then it’s a success.

“Last week, a couple in their 90s who haven’t left their home since April, came over to see and put two crosses in the box.


“The principles are to be eco-friendly and bio-diversity friendly. Hidden away on the site is a hedgehog house, but there are also feeders for birds and squirrels along with a bug hotel.

“We’ve added a memory tree where people can write a memory and hang it on a ribbon.

“Neighbours are talking to other neighbours.  It’s achieved so much more than we expected in the first place.”

The community garden in Croesyceiliog

A bug hotel

A display of poppies

A memorial tree

An community notice board