My Bron Afon

A week in the life of family support

Charlotte talks about her average week and what she gets up to.


“I begin my working week by catching up with all the families I support and chatting through the weekend and what I can help with during the coming week. This keeps my work varied as I can be supporting families with a range of different issues such as Housing and Financial problems, Well-being support, School and educational concerns and Covid-19 related worries. Sometimes for families that are really struggling I have to help with Food Parcels and a Food Bank Voucher for the week.


“Tuesdays normally mean I talk to young people using Zoom, Skype or Facebook Messenger. This is one of my favourite parts about Working from Home at the moment as it makes things more “normal” and it’s nice to catch up with some familiar faces! These video calls can be a normal catch up or a set topic depending on how the young person is feeling or based on something that might have happened that week that they want to talk about.


“Wednesday mornings I do a lesson of my online British Sign Language Course. This course will mean I will be able to communicate with Families that use British Sign Language to. Wednesday afternoons are then usually spent preparing for our online Go Girls Group which runs on a Wednesday evening. Go Girls is a group for young girls aged 14 – 25 that focuses on issues that girls in Wales face today. We cover Positive Mental Health, Women’s equality and Positive relationships. We often have lots of fun with Quizzes, Video Calls and lots of talking!


“Thursday’s I chat with a group of young people about different topics. Last week was about keeping Safe online and Social Media during lockdown as more young people have been at home on their phones. The group went really well and was relaxed and fun as well as informative.


“Friday mornings are another morning spent catching up with all the Families that I work with and checking in before the weekend. Fridays are also the days that I set “Well-being Challenges” with the young people I work with and challenge them to do something positive and fun that weekend. So far we have done Virtual Well-being Walks, Photography Challenges, Arts and Crafts Challenges and our own “Bake-off”.

“That’s my week. Lockdown has been a challenge for everyone but we have been working together to get through it.”

Charlotte White, Young Person and Family Support Worker, Families First