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Building site safety

James talks about the importance of staying away from construction sites

“As the summer approaches and lockdown starts to lift we wanted to remind parents and children of the dangers that face people gaining unauthorised access to construction sites. We are one of the biggest home builders in Torfaen and we have plans to build 450 new homes by 2023. This means that we have a lot of live construction sites and will also be opening more across the borough in the next few years.

“Construction sites can range from a single property with scaffolding around it, to large sites where we are building several houses. Children are often attracted to the noise, vehicles and materials on a building site but are unaware of the dangers that await them.

“Each site has its dangers, some dangers are visible and some are hidden. For example we can all see the dangers of big cranes or diggers at work, but the underground and chemical dangers are harder to spot. All of the people and contractors that work on our construction sites are specially trained and also informed of any dangers that they may encounter in their day to day work.

“This allows them to work safely and ensure that they return home to their families every evening. All of our contractors and staff work together to keep our sites safe and secure. They also make sure people that are not supposed to be there are kept out. Many children sustain life changing and even fatal injuries each year as a result of accidents on building sites.

“Do you know anyone who works on a construction site? If you do, please speak to them and ask them what dangers they may find on their sites, and ask them to explain to your children why it is important to stay away!”

James Davies, our Health and Safety Advisor

James Davies our Health and Safety Advisor