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Cooking on a shoestring

Rachel talks about her team of little chefs

“What a great couple of weeks we’ve had with the ‘Helping Families Work’ project. One of our new virtual  ‘Cooking on a Budget’ sessions has been a real winner. The families have supported each other to think of tasty things that can be batch cooked and stored in the freezer.

“I’ve been very impressed with the kids, who have taken over the show and are now leading on what we cook next. It’s all change with the adults becoming their kitchen assistants.

“We started off the first week with Ceri, one of our project volunteers, showing us how to make her homemade spaghetti meatballs. The kids loved it that much that they decided what to cook next. In week 2 Corey (age 13) showed us how to cook cheese and potato pie and following that we had Maisie (age 9) showing us how to make her favourite caramel cheesecake.

“The original idea was just cooking on a budget so all the meals cost 50p a portion or less. These cooking sessions have become so much more than just learning budget cooking. It’s been great to see the adults spending time cooking with their children and I’ve blown away by the young chefs (who are usually picky eaters) really enjoy the food they have cooked. The volunteers have also been sharing the recipes with their friends and family and we now have more families wanting to join in the fun! If you are part of a working family you can join the project on the Helping Working Families Facebook page here.

“Even though it’s been virtual we have still managed to connect with each other and forge new friendships, which for me is the overall winner (well apart from meatballs, pie and cheesecake of course)

“I can’t wait for the next session. I wonder what they will come up with next?”

Rachel Knight, our Helping Families Work Officer