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Brothers in Lockdown

Andrew talks about the brothers and how they have been supporting each other through lockdown

“The Brothers, a joint project between us and Pobl which was set up to support young men aged 15 – 25. Throughout lockdown they have been meeting virtually once a week to make sure that the project continues.

“A number of the Brothers live alone and the weekly catch up is one of the few occasions they get to chat with friends.

“During lockdown, the Brothers have been keeping themselves busy doing such things as jigsaws, reading books, gaming and reprising old hobbies and creating things with loom bands.

“On our weekly video sessions, we discus different topics such as, mental health, healthy eating, and home exercising. As with everyone during this period of isolation, quizzes have been the order of the day. The Brothers, have been tested on everything from general knowledge, movies, TV theme tunes and sport.  A number of the boys have volunteered to host these quizzes themselves and these have proven to be very innovative.

“Recently we had an in-depth discussion centred around Mental Health Awareness, the majority of the boys have suffered with some form of mental health and are all happy to share their experiences, especially how lockdown has affected them.

“Five of the boys have also received their Peer Mentor Certificates, providing some much-needed motivation and ensuring the project can continue to go from strength to strength through their contribution.

“If you would like to get involved with the brothers or fancy a chat you can find all the contact detials on this flyer. They are a great bunch but are always happy to see new faces!”

Andrew Davies, our Monitoring and Performance Officer

Andrew Davies our employability and volunteering officer