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Remembering Grenfell Tower

Nigel talks about fire safety and what we had done before and since the Grenfell disaster to keep people safe

“The recent anniversary of Grenfell Tower which happened on 14 June 2017 and resulted in 72 people losing their lives, was a time for remembrance and also reflection.

“The events that took place on that fateful night shocked the entire country and is was very quickly understood that much more had to be done to protect people within their homes.

“While many think the inquiries that followed would have highlighted problems specifically related to High rise blocks the investigations unearthed concerns across a wide spectrum of property types and compliance disciplines.

“So, what does that mean for your home?

“At the time of the tragedy, the spotlight was very firmly on High rise buildings across the country. A high rise building is anything over 18 meters in height. We were in a very fortunate position, compared to other social landlords, having already installed sprinklers systems in our 3 high rise buildings. We were certainly ahead of the game and that is thanks to our keen fire safety.

“However, this was only the beginning. To be sure that everything was as safe as possible, we had to look at and check and review every aspect of our fire safety compliance and their legal obligations.

“The team and I carried out over 500 fire actions in a short space of time, four retirement schemes had brand new fire doors installed thought-out, with many more fire safety projects carried out across the borough.

“We had tests carried out on our cladding and external wall insulation that was used in the refurbishment programme for our high rise buildings and it was confirmed as one of the safest on the market.

“We have been working closely with the fire service and we are also proud to be part of the regular ‘drills’ that helps to train fire officers when it comes to high and low rise fires, you can read about that here and we are actively involved with Welsh Government and South Wales Fire Service in many promotional fire safety campaigns.

“The team do a lot in the community to help encourage awareness of fire safety as well as carrying out all the continuing fire compliance work. Regular fire safety coffee mornings have been held in our schemes in conjunction with the fire service to provide information and answer any questions that residents may have. Also many ‘home safe visits’ have been carried out to get the important message about fire safety across.

“Fire safety has also become of a part of the design and building of all new developments and our in house teams working together have made some excellent contributions to fire safety.

“We have always taken take fire safety very seriously and following the Grenfell fire and the subsequent investigation into the disaster the evolution of how fire safety is now controlled and how we manage fire risks has helped made everything far safer.”

Nigel Sherry, our Landlord Compliance Manager