My Bron Afon

Driving for digital

James talks about how we have been working hard to make sure our services are available online.

“Dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour can be stressful and that is why we want to make reporting it as easy and simple as possible. We found that the majority of contact we were having from customers, especially at the beginning of lockdown was related to Anti-Social Behaviour and noise nuisance.

“Myself and the rest of the team in the Customer Hub were getting a lot of emails with form attachments that needed a lot of manual processing and duplication. Most of these forms had missing information that needed us to spend time investigating.

“We decided that things needed to improve and so the zoom meetings began. The Customer Experience Quality Team, Community Housing, Safer Communities and IT had some interesting discussion. The meetings provided a wide range of ideas to improve the service, and reduce the overall workload and create a better experience for the customer.

“Some of the issues we had with the old way Anti-Social Behaviour was reported was that customers could submit a form with limited information which could mean we’d need to get more information, usually by phone. It was a very manual process from start to finish. There was also no clear explanation of what Anti-Social Behaviour is or what we would do to sort it out!

“So what’s changed? The teams have worked together to fully automate any Anti-Social Behaviour that comes through My Bron Afon. All the fields are now mandatory. Best of all, the system now automatically creates a log on our system! We have also started promoting use of other digital methods of reporting Anti-Social Behaviour such as The Noise App. We have also added some frequently asked questions and detailed prompts before the form to make sure we get as much relevant information as possible.

“It’s made our job of collecting and helping to deal with Anti-Social Behaviour a simple and easy process. Who knows where the team will set its sights next!”

James Holliday, our community housing advisor