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HelpU- Save money on your water bill

Welsh Water have a brilliant way to help you save money on your bill. The HelpU scheme gives a discount if your household income isn’t above a certain amount and you receive at least one means-tested benefit.   If you’re not eligible but are struggling to pay your water bill get in touch with Welsh Water using this form and talk to them about other ways they can help.

Check if your eligible for HelpU

The maximum amount in this table doesn’t take into account any income you receive from disability/carers, Housing Benefit and the Housing element of Universal Credit so it’s just the income coming into your household each year.

No of people in your home Total household income
1   Maximum  of £9,200
2 Maximum of £13,900
3+ Maximum of £15,500

Apply Now

Click this link to fill in the application form. If you’re a Bron Afon tenant you have to include a ‘customer reference’ number- Put this number in the box- 3489812601- and this tells Welsh Water you’re a Bron Afon tenant. If you’re a leaseholder, homeowner or private tenant use the number at the top of your bill.

If you have any problems with the form please call  Welsh Water on 0800 0520145 from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday