My Bron Afon

We’re supporting the #BlackLivesMatter campaign

We’re making a statement in support of the #blacklivesmatter campaign.

The sickening death of George Floyd in police custody has yet again exposed just how deeply rooted racism is in the United States. That this is still happening in 2020 is profoundly depressing.

However, it would be too easy to dismiss this as only an American problem, because it goes far wider. Inequality and injustice for BAME people is still embedded in our society as well. In the UK, we’ve have had our own cases similar to George Floyd‘s; in Wales in 2017, 75% of reported hate crimes were motivated by race or religion. Racism also takes on more subtle forms, leading to lack of opportunities and deeply felt frustration for too many in our country.

Bron Afon is firmly committed to treating all people fairly and to actively help tackle inequality. We want our employees of all backgrounds to feel entirely comfortable being themselves at work.  To feel confident that they will not be unfairly judged on any of the fundamental characteristics that make them who they are as people.

Our tenants and customers should also feel in no doubt that we will work with them fairly and consistently whatever their background.

By standing in support of people in BAME communities we are also standing behind all people whose lives are undervalued, including those in our communities who are disadvantaged by lack of opportunity.

We believe that change happens after people honestly recognise that it must. This feels likes such a time. That’s why we support the #blacklivesmatter campaign.

Alan, Catherine, Neil and Unji