My Bron Afon

Repairing your homes during lockdown

Neil Jones, our repairs manager, shares some stories from his team- who have been carrying out emergency repairs since the start of lockdown

“The last few weeks have been very different for our team. But the one thing that has been consistent is how they care about supporting our customers in times of difficulty.

“The team have dealt with fire, flood, domestic violence and a car crash that damaged the boundary wall of a house. We want to say a massive thank you to our manual workers who are still in work , still delivering the service to our tenants.

“Our management team have spoken at length about the debt we owe to these front line staff who are still in work and who undoubtedly are determined to ensure we continue to cover vital services for our tenants.

Emergency repairs 24/7

“Their service delivers 24/7, 365 days of the year. It’s a service that even coronavirus can’t and won’t stop when we have such dedicated staff. We were concerned when lock down was announced as whether or not we would be able to run an emergency-out-of-hours-service as it is voluntary for those who do it.

“But true to form a number of the trades have owned the out-of-hours working between themselves and arrange the rotas themselves.

“There have been staff doing double weeks to ensure the service carries on. Staff who have never done call-out have volunteered and just said, ‘we are doing out bit’. We have had staff emptying temporary toilets in a tenant’s home on the weekend for nothing because they know the tenant so it’s less embarrassing for them.

“Two trades staff went the extra mile on out-of-hours job to clear a blockage manually as they couldn’t use a jetter as the flat was over the top of an office. Two trades installed a fence after a car had crashed through the garden wall because the tenant was so upset and it left his only bit of outside space exposed.

The ‘beating heart’ of Bron Afon

“We installed a handrail for a vulnerable tenant because it’s going be some time before a stairlift can be installed. We have had a few trades come in on weekends to fit showers and do major repairs to boilers. These are just a few example of what has been achieved by our dedicated hard working members of staff. There are too many to capture them all.

“Add to this, a number of staff are desperate to be allowed to work and helped by doing a letter drop for the gas servicing appointments. I want to sincerely thank each and every one of the team who are in work or available for work at this strangest of times.

“It’s you ladies and gentleman who are the beating heart of Bron Afon and it’s a privilege to work with you.”