My Bron Afon

Change to our repairs service

We are doing everything we can to continue our emergency repairs service while keeping you, our customers and our colleagues safe. Thanks for your support to keep this essential work going through these difficult times.

Up until now we have been giving you an appointment for non-emergencies and estimated it to be up to three months away. But we feel that this could cause problems and mean a poor customer service if they have to be cancelled if the restrictions still mean we can’t do those jobs.

A team of managers are planning right now how we will work through these jobs. This is being reviewed all the time- you only need to watch the daily Coronavirus briefing each day at 5pm to see things can change fast.

It seems like the most sensible approach during this challenging time. Thanks for your support and understanding.

What has changed?  

Since the start of the coronavirus lockdown we have only been carrying out emergency repairs. If you contact us with a non-emergency repair the way we will manage has now changed.

If you’re calling to report a non-emergency repair we will log your request, however we won’t give you an appointment until the coronavirus situation changes and we can safely visit your home.

Why can’t you give me an appointment?

We don’t know when the coronavirus situation will change and we will be able to safely visit your home. We feel if we give an appointment now there is high chance of us having to cancel it if restrictions are still in place. Your job will be queued and we will contact you once the government advice changes and we can safely visit your home.

When will I get an appointment?

Any repairs booked for your property can be tracked in your My Bron Afon account. Please be reassured that your repair will not be forgotten.

We will send you a text or email every month to let you know your repair is still logged and we will be in touch with an appointment as soon as the situation allows.

What happens if my non-emergency job gets worse over the next few months?

If you feel your repair has escalated to an emergency we encourage you to check the coronavirus information page on our website to see what repairs we’re currently attending as emergencies. If you’re unable to get online but feel your repair has now become an emergency please call us on 01633 620 111 or us our webchat to talk to a member of our team.

I’m already waiting for a non-emergency job. When will it be done?

Please don’t worry, we will contact you once the government advice changes and we can safely visit your home. You can track your repair using your My Bron Afon account.

Finally. Thank you for your patience during this challenging time.

We are doing everything we can to keep our tenants, communities and colleagues safe at this difficult time and are grateful for your patience and support.