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Northville’s mobile kitchen

Northville Community Group will be running cookery workshops and pop-up street food demonstration thanks to a £4,000 donation. The volunteers were given the cash through our contractor benefit scheme.

LCB Construction have been building new homes for us in Cwmbran.

Helen Clutterbuck, our Community Involvement Officer, said: “The group wanted to run a series of cookery workshops so residents can learn new skills to cook a variety great tasting, healthy and cost-effective meals.

“When we told LCB about the work the Northville group were wanted to do they were really impressed by the idea and wanted to help.”

Danielle Aicardi, of Northville Community Group, said; “We are going to buy a portable kitchen which will help us carry on making a difference in Northville. It will help the community to learn new skills such as making their food go further, reducing food waste and batch cooking on a budget. We will be able to hold cookery classes outside in the Community which will be great fun and attract older and young residents.”

Wayne Edwards of LCB Construction said: “When the proposed scheme was outlined to us we could see the benefit and potential impact the scheme would have in the area and we were more than happy to pay for the required equipment. As a responsible social contractor we understand that it is our responsibility to help the communities within which we are working.”

Northville cheque

Members of staff from Bron Afon, members of Northville Community Group. Danielle Aicardi, of Northville Community Group and Wayne Edwards of LCB Construction holding the cheque.