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The Housing Support Grant means our Torfaen 50+ team can change lives. Find out how

The Housing Support Grant is vital so our Torfaen 50+ team can support more people to live independently and avoid homelessness and putting pressure on other health services.

Community Housing CymruCymorth Cymru and Welsh Women’s Aid are running  a campaign to show  the impact of this work before Assembly Members debate the 2020/21 budget. Follow #housingmatterswales on social media and share the stories to show your support.

Here are some anonymous stories written by our support officers.

Fears of losing her tenancy

“During our initial assessment Mrs C was extremely worried that she was going to lose her tenancy.  She had large rent arrears, partly due to family circumstances and poor literacy skills.   She is also a full time carer for a relative and has physical and mental health needs of her own. She was struggling to maintain her home.

“During our meetings we set some goals including:

  • Applying for PIP for her own health needs.
  • Getting her water rates reduced.
  • Setting up a new rent payment plan for her arrears.
  • Decluttering her home.

“A successful application was made for DHP for her ‘bedroom tax’ and rent arrears.  Mrs C has kept to her payments and there are no arrears on property.  This has had a great effect on her motivation. She is now working with a decluttering team.  Due to the nature of her medical needs she has been approved for a wet room to be installed so she and her relative can bathe safely.”

Campaign poster to increase the Housing Support Grant

Isolation and mental health

“I completed an assessment for Mr C and he extremely anxious, with low mood.  He had been caring for his mother and father for around 20 years.

“This situation had massively impacted on his mental health, finances and social isolation.

Together we worked through his goals which included:

  • Registering for Homeseeker to downsize.
  • Applying for DHP to help with arrears.
  • Getting his water rates reduced.
  • Decluttering his home to make it easier to downsize
  • Contacting GP and specialist services for his mental wellbeing.
  • Applying for Universal Credit and Housing benefit.
  • Joining in community events to increase his confidence and circle of friends.

“This has been a challenging and emotional time for him as has been in the ‘family bubble’ for many years.  Through ‘baby steps’ and realistic goal he has made huge improvements in his life.

“He has joined a number of projects to help him to find employment. Christmas was a difficult time following a family bereavement. But he was confident enough to go along to community event where he enjoyed a Christmas Day dinner with others.”