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Fire safety training in Cwmbran

South Wales Fire and Rescue service carried out a fire training exercise in Monmouth house in Cwmbran.

The purpose of the training was to test their equipment and procedures to make sure that there was adequate safety provisions in place in the event of a fire. The exercise also allowed crews to ensure familiarisation with the building’s contingency plans.

Monmouth House has 56 flats over 6 floors.

Neville Brown, our Senior Technical Officer, said:

“I have built a really good relationship with South Wales Fire and Rescue Service and it’s great that we are able to offer help and assistance. We take fire safety really seriously and working together with the fire service so they can carry out their training benefits both of us.

“I also want to personally thank all the tenants and leaseholders of Monmouth House for their co-operation during the exercise.

Barry Tolman, Watch Manager at New Inn Station said: “It is vital that we develop and maintain positive relationships with the communities we serve, doing so provides us with invaluable opportunities to test our procedures and equipment against specific risks. I would like to thank Neville Brown and residents of Monmouth House for their assistance and patience during the exercise”.

Here’s some pictures from the training.