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Photography competition winners

Josh gives us a snapshot of judging the photo competition.

“It was really hard judging the competition. I was lucky enough to once again join the judging panel.

“The judges met and over the space of a few hours, countless teas and coffees, we finally came to a decision. It was hard work as the quality was really high.

“I was joined on the panel by David, a local artist and tenant and also Tom from BeeHive Photography Studios. The discussions were in-depth and each judge brought a unique view.

“The winning pictures are below. All the winners will now have their pictures displayed  publicly on the walls of our offices. They also get a framed print.

“Originally we were only asked to choose 10 winners. A tenant had a lovely idea of picking twelve so that we could make a calendar for each of the winners!

“Thanks to everyone who entered. Congratulations to the winners and well done on your excellent photography skills!”

Joshua Gardner, our communications officer

Joshua Gardner, our communications and marketing officer

Here are the winners.

Victoria-Morgan-Curtis - Pontypool Park

Victoria Morgan-Curtis

Tricia Morse - Butterfly

Tricia Morse

Sue Manning - Sheep

Sue Manning

Simon Jenkins - pool

Simon Jenkins

Olivia Wookey - ducks

Olivia Wookey

Lydia Parry - Big Pit in the snow

Lydia Parry

Lydia Parry - Canal

Lydia Parry

Lydia Parry - Moon

Lydia Parry

Lisa Taylor - Pontypool Park

Lisa Taylor

Ken Mitchell - Gate

Ken Mitchell

Ken Mitchell - Reservoir

Ken Mitchell

Denise Pruddah - Lake

Denise Pruddah