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60 minute make over

Claire explains how she is improving relationships in Blaenavon.

“I have been working hard in Blaenavon to improve the relationships between older and younger people. It’s part of my community action plan that I put together from speaking to the community, so these regular action days make a big difference.

“At the most recent event on July 4 the Hwb youth club and the residents of Baker St House in Blaenavon came together to help improve the communal garden. The group worked really well and made a massive difference to the local environment, clearing weeds and tidying.

“The work also had an overwhelming emotional impact on the young people and residents. I felt really touched when the young people were brought to tears after being thanked by the residents and were told they can’t wait for their next visit.”

Claire Dullea, our community manager, Blaenavon

Claire Dullea, community manager Blaenavon

Here are some pictures from the event.

Claire and the residents and young peopleYoung people helping residents with the garden Young people watering the plants