My Bron Afon

10-ish mile walk

Sarah talks about our staff walk to celebrate our 10th birthday.

“On Saturday 23 June I took part in a staff walk to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.  It was a gloriously sunny day, perfect for walking along the canal.  It was an opportunity to get some exercise, take in the gorgeous scenery, catch up with lots of lovely colleagues that you don’t normally get to spend time with and (if you’re me) fill your Instagram account with endless videos of ducks!

“We put ourselves to good use too, litter picking along the way.  I started off well but was put off by a can and its very suspicious contents (Yuck).  However, the Community Environmental Team are complete pros. Altogether we collected twelve bags of rubbish, one child car seat and a bicycle!

“It wasn’t quite 10 miles but it was close. Thanks to Eva and Paul for their hard work making the arrangements and looking after us so well.  I had a fantastic time and I’m looking forward to the next one.”

Sarah Wheatstone, our personal assistant to the director of community housing and support

Here are some pictures from the walk.