My Bron Afon

Fire exercise

Nev gives an update on some of the great work we do with the fire service.

“On Tuesday 12 June we helped out South Wales Fire and Rescue services by lending them an empty flat in The Tower so they could do some high-rise training.

“They wanted to give The Tower, their equipment and procedures a good test to make sure that in the event of a fire everything works well.

“I worked closely with our housing team to make sure there was a flat available for them. I was also lucky enough to go along and watch them doing the exercise.

“It was all very impressive, seven fire engines arrived at different times to reflect how they would arrive in a real life situation. They had a flat on the 13th floor with two dummies which needed to be rescued.

“The whole exercise went really well and they had a few ideas on how they could make it better for next time.

“I really enjoy working with South Wales Fire and Rescue Service and it’s great that we are able to offer help and assistance lending them empty properties and buildings so they can carry out their training.

“I also want to personally thank all the tenants and leaseholders of The Tower for their co-operation during the exercise.”

Neville Brown, our senior technical officer

Here are some pictures from the exercise.