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Our environmental team

Simon talks about some of the great work we have been doing to deal with flytipping.

“We don’t just clear up fly-tipping. Talking to residents is helping us solve problems.

“People often wonder what the team and I get up to. It’s not all litter picking and dealing with fly-tipping.

“In one of the recent cases we received a report from a person saying a large amount of soil and garden waste was being fly-tipped close to their home. Rather than just turn up and remove the mess the team thought it was important to speak with the person who had reported it to find out more and to let them know we were dealing with it.

“The conversation helped us learn who was dumping the material and we could then speak to them and deal with the problem directly.

“Doing it this way means we can make a difference that is more lasting than simply reacting. Being able to raise the issue with those responsible, hopefully makes them think twice about being so irresponsible in the future.

“The person who reported the issue couldn’t believe the quick response and was so chuffed we are dealt with it so quickly.

“Our approach of questioning rather than just cleaning up has helped us deal with over 10,000 items and issues since 2015.

“10,000 sounds like loads but we are heading in the right direction. We have seen reporting drop by just over a quarter (1,132 reports) in one year* and fewer reports in this case means there are less issues that need reporting.

“I think everyone deserves to live in attractive surroundings and when we worked together with tenants and residents to help describe what that means this is what they said was important to them.

“Thanks to everyone who takes the time to bring things to our attention using our form and for wanting to make a difference. Every report made really does contribute to making places cleaner and more attractive around people’s homes.”

Simon Morgan, our environmental services manager

* reporting April 2016 -March 2017 = 4289, reporting April 2017- March 2018 = 3157