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ASB Awareness Week

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) is a term used to define a wide range of behaviours which can cause nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to another person or community. Some examples of ASB include drug use, violence, threatening behaviour, loud music and more.

Such behaviours can have adverse effects on the livelihoods of you (our tenants and our communities). As part of the ongoing Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Awareness week, one of our Community Housing Officers James Holliday, highlights our partnership approach to tackle this behaviour throughout Torfaen…

“Bron Afon is a member of the Safety Hub which has been set up in Torfaen and includes all Registered Social Landlords, Police, Fire and Rescue, Torfaen Council, Social Services, Youth Services and the Health Board. This Community Hub allows organisations to share information for the purpose of preventing crime and disorder. The hub acts as a partnership meeting where organisations can present ASB cases, share best practice and work together to address ASB across Torfaen. This gives Community Housing Officers like me the opportunity to provide updates to partners, and to ask for support with notices and orders not directly available to Bron Afon.

We work in partnership with Torfaen Council and the Police to ensure you get the best outcome from any Anti Social Behaviour report.

By working in partnership, we can effectively share information to disrupt and deter ASB and criminality within our communities and safeguard you from harm.

An example of our strong partnership with Torfaen Council and the Police is in Northville. Youths were meeting in a stairwell, drinking and causing nuisance to the community. Some incidents were severe with threats of arson and violence to the residents by the unknown youths. The difficulties for Bron Afon were that the offenders were unknown and so we could only take limited action. It was clear that the area was also a concern for the Police, as they had received a high number of calls from residents.

We worked in partnership with Torfaen Council and the local police on a successful action plan. Two of our Community Housing Officers met with the community and discussed options which led to the installation of fencing aimed at restricting the access of the youths to the space.

Since this was put in place, the police and residents have confirmed that ASB has reduced overall in the area.”

If you are experiencing noise nuisance, did you know that you can download ‘The Noise App’ from Google Play, Apple Store or by clicking here:  https://www.thenoiseapp.com/#/? This app uses your smartphone to make recordings of noise nuisance which can be sent directly to Bron Afon. We will be able to investigate these recordings and we’ll keep you updated during process of your complaint.

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